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Allure, Passion, and Love... three simple words that can make a difference. The Say mê team would like to recognize all your hard work and the difference you make, and offer you the benefit of being a part of the team. Join our journey to redefining "the beauty within".

Pro Members will receive:
  • Discounts on all products
  • Early access to new products
  • Feature pro artist
  • Valued partner to Say mê research & development team
Getting started:

Create an account and email the following credentials to [email protected]. Your application will be reviewed within 72 hours. Upon approval you will receive information regarding your exclusive benefits.
  • Make-up Artist, please provide:
    1. Government issued ID (photocopy)
    2. Certificate from a recognized make-up academy or professional license (photocopy)
    3. Professional business website or magazine spread with your name credit

  • Beauty Bloggers and Artistry students, please provide:
    1. Government issued ID
    2. Blog website / You Tube Channel, Professional Agency letter or proof that you are currently enrolled in a recognized make-up academy

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