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Our commitment to you is the cornerstone of what we believe in, delivering exceptional value by offering premium quality makeup brushes to our customers. We do not rely on machine manufacturing. At Say mê, all of our brushes are individually handcrafted with premium natural and synthetic fibers, using mastered techniques by skilled craftsmen thus crafting premium quality brushes.


We manufacture our brushes with the underlying principle that the hair tip is the most important part of an artist's brush. Other commercial brush lines routinely lose the hair tip in the production process, cutting all their bristles to the desired shape. At Say mê we use skilled craftsmen who are able to create a precision beauty tool fortifying the most important element, the hair tip. Our brushes have taken full advantage of the hair tip and thus the entire surface of the bristles are arranged three-dimensionally, vital for a flawless application creating radiant beauty.

Say mê brushes will offer you perfect control and an effortless application for depth and tone. Our makeup brush handles have been artistically designed to allow you to gently glide freely over the skin, enabling you to achieve a flawless airbrush finish. Say mê makeup brushes are designed for professionals, as well as beginners and will last through years of use with proper care.

At Say mê we believe a brush should be a creative tool which helps you fashion the complexion and makeup finish you have always dreamt of, creating a natural, flawless finish every time.

"Find Your Beauty Within..."


Brush hair procurement:
The best quality hairs are selected and imported from around the world and only the finest of these are chosen and used in the manufacturing process. These animals are not harmed in the process since these hairs are cut off from the animals to allow for natural growth, just as if a person were to cut their hair at a salon.

Selecting the best hairs:
All the hair is carefully combed to remove any hairs that are without tip, bent or worn and any hairs that are considered to be of inferior quality. This process can only be done by hand and by the most experienced of craftsmen.

Mixing hairs:
Hairs can be evenly mixed depending on their intended use or to stabilize product quality.

Arranging the brush head:
Hairs are put into a mold to assemble and bundle them. Hairs are never cut to shape the brush head; this helps to achieve high brush performance.

Inserting hairs into a ferrule:
The bristles are inserted into a ferrule, tied and glued together to ensure consistent durability.

Handle setting:
A brush head (bristles and ferrule) is custom fitted to a brush handle to ensure proper performance and stability.

Before any of our products are shipped, we carefully inspect them individually to maintain our highest standards and delivering only the finest quality products, to you our valued customer.
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